”GOLDEN MOMENT” by Bob Humphrey, Wildfowl Magazine, Nov., 2013

A little CSI work turns into a historic hunt.

The odds of shooting a banded duck start out pretty slim, and can become less likely depending on the species you pursue. Last year, wildfowler Craig Swenson defied the odds by collecting a bird of a lifetime…


“FLYWAYS TAKES FLIGHT” by Mary Erickson, Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News, Nov, 2013

At this time of year, a glance skyward will often yield the familiar and fantastic sight of flocks of waterfowl  flying south before winter’s chill sets in. A glance inside a new museum yields a fantastic display of information about those very birds…


“Ducks Go On Display At Waterfowl Museum” by Annie Getsinger, Baraboo News, August, 2013

Nichol and Craig Swenson spent the pastfew months getting their ducks in a row at their new venture near the north shore entrance to Devil’s Lake State Park…